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Gower Beach Schools this October half term

Have lots of laughs with your family in the fresh air, enjoying the sights of Gower! You will be in the hands of our experienced teachers and instructors! Covid-secure.  Morning session: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. Afternoon session: 13.30 to 16.30 Email us to book. Rock climbing and abseiling at Three Cliffs. Gower Beach Schools at Bracelet Bay. 

Sit on tops Oxwich

Places of interest: Oxwich Beach

Our favourite sea kayaking location is Oxwich.  The Wales Coastal Path passes through Oxwich Burrows, an area of national significance in terms of flora and fauna, but out of sight and sound of the sea.  It is an unusual and fascinating place.   How amazing to have such an interesting nature reserve so close to the sea.  The Oxwich National Nature Reserve is made up of beach, sand dunes, lakes, woodlands, cliffs salt and freshwater marshes.  Rare to have so many different habitats together!

Arthur's stone, Gower

Arthur’s Stone

Where did Arthur’s Stone (Maen Ceti in Welsh) come from?  Myth or geological explanation? Did it come out of King Arthur’s shoe or is it a rock that was there already? In lockdown I cycled past Arthur’s Stone on my own personal Gower Adventures cycling route. Arthur’s stone is situated on the north side of Cefn Bryn, one of Gower’s well-known sites of interest. One legend informs us that King Arthur left a pebble in his shoe when he was passing through Carmarthenshire on his way to the battle of Camlann.  He stopped, removed the …

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Places of interest: Paviland cave

Paviland Cave or Goat’s Hole on the coast of Gower is the most significant archaeological site in Britain of the earlier Upper Palaeolithic period. It was the location of the first excavation of a human skeleton and of the first recovery of a human fossil: the misnamed ‘Red Lady’. Discovered in 1823, the fossilised skeleton was at first thought to be of recent date and female. However, it is now known to have been a ceremonially buried young adult male, a representative of the early humans who entered Europe around 40,000 years ago, during the last ice age.   The Red Lady burial has been dated to about …

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