Sit-on-top Sea Kayaking

kayaking swansea

Explore the more remote parts of the Gower coast or stay in the sheltered bays!  Suitable for families and more experienced kayakers.

You will use a sit-on-top canoe and will first acquire the basic skills and then take a trip exploring the coast and getting to know the tides, rescue techniques and coast navigation.

sea kayaking gower

There are three different levels for this opportunity:

1.     Beginner level: sheltered inland water such as the Llanelli North Dock and Swiss Valley Reservoir.  Learn basic skills of using a sit-on-top kayak.

2.     Beginner and Intermediate level: sheltered bays such as the beautiful Oxwich Bay or the picturesque Nab Rock at Mumbles.  Develop your basic skills for use on the sea.

3.     Advanced level: exposed coastline of the Gower.  Use your skills on the exposed coastline and gain an understanding of tide navigation and rescue.

Each activity includes:

  • safety briefing
  • use of personal safety equipment, buoyancy aid, helmet and wetsuit
  • expert instruction on how to paddle forwards, turning, going backwards and moving sideways
  • rescue of yourself and partner
"We spent a couple of pleasant hours paddling through Oxwich Bay, weaving in and out of rocky outcrops before venturing out to the open sea to look for an old shipwreck."
Fantastic fun! A few days ago we spent the day in Oxwich Bay kayaking. Simon met us in the car park and was friendly from the off! We were provided with wetsuits and waterproofs as well. I would recommend bringing old trainers as they will get wet and sandy too. There were single kayaks and double ones as well so if there is a weaker member of the group you can team them up with a stronger one. We out on the water from 10am till about 3 in the afternoon and it was great fun! We started off by testing our skills by weaving in between various rocks on the side of the bay which was challenging but rewarding. All in all we all had a great day and would recommend it to anyone!